Wearable App Development: The upcoming winds of change in wearable devices

January 6, 2021
Wearable App Development: The upcoming winds of change in wearable devices

With the growth of wearable devices due to technological revolution, the scope of wearable devices has also expanded. This has led to tremendous demand for wearable app development.

Powered by technological revolution, the wearable devices have expanded their reach much beyond the wristwatches. The progress in the Internet of Things, has now made it possible to wear these miniature body borne computers on face, shoes, clothes etc.

It has been estimated that the valuation of the wearable device would grow from 15.14 billion in 2015, to 51.60 billion in 2022. Thus, between the period 2016-22, the market valuation of wearable devices will grow at a CAGR of 15.51%.

Further, the constant growth in the functionality of these wearable devices has increased the demands of customers and is blurring the boundary between what is possible and what is not. Additionally, as the development of wearable apps go hand in hand with the evolution of wearable devices; the app developers need to be made aware of the changing patterns in the development of wearable devices. This will help them in designing applications that are capable of addressing the innovation patterns in wearable devices.

The trends currently shaping the wearable app development are:-

Tech savvy

The evolution of smartwatches over the years have elevated their status to become a trusted companion of the smartphones. However, further evolution of wearable devices would likely make them pose as a substitute of the cell-phones. In future the wearable devices can be used to determine the blood glucose levels and link the same to the calendar. Similarly, wearable devices can also be used for determining the moments of anxiety or happiness throughout the day.

Thus, as wearable devices become more astute, there will be an increased need for robust applications that can help clients to have a single point of control for the different wearable devices.

Application in the world of medicines

Wearable gadgets can help the healthcare specialists to follow the ailment of a patient and effortlessly track minute bits of knowledge related to patient health. This can help the health professionals to arrive at a more detailed and accurate conclusion about the health of a person.

Data gathering

Along with enhancing the experience of clients, the innovation in the wearable devices will also pave the way for computerised advertisements. Wearable devices will undoubtedly generate huge volumes of raw data about the customers which can be effectively analysed to help the retailers have a greater feel of the consumer pulse.


Going ahead, the huge growth in wearable device technology would undoubtedly put a huge demand on the field of wearable app development. Further the flurry of information will lead to the creation of ground breaking ventures, and novel products and services to look forward to.

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