We don’t just build your app swiftly; we make it power-packed

All businesses are in need of scalability and a real-time means of running operations. Enter Ivan- a leading on demand app development company that has created some of the most sophisticated and intuitive applications for clients all over the world. After gaining a thorough grasp of your business idea, we blend in efficiency and real-time features to build apps that make your brand a heavyweight amongst your competitors.

Our squad of seasoned on demand app developers build profit-generating apps that feature as top-ranked on app stores.

Instant alerts

Our on demand apps involve strategically timed notifications and rollouts designed to boost the engagement levels.

Social Media integration

Social connectivity is the “in” thing for today’s mobile app users. By integrating Social Media into your on-demand app, we make it highly appealing to your user base

In-app payments

The convenience of making payments from within the app itself cannot ever be downplayed. Our on demand app empowers your users to make payments in a completely safe environment.


You can take advantage of the app analytics on our on demand app. You get a dashboard that displays tailored analytics to give you the full picture of your app’s performance metrics.

Geo IP location

We have extensive experience in developing on demand apps which are integrated Live Location Tracking. From the service-end to the customer-end, you remain connected to all stakeholders for the entire length of the service duration.


Return Clients

Highest track record in the industry


Industries Served

With our expertise in on demand apps


The Cost

Compared to non- premise solutions


Investment Raised

Highest track record in the industry

Bringing The On-Demand App Revolution Into The Mainstream

The growth of on-demand platforms like Uber has brought on a revolution across a host of industries. These industries have transformed from their previously conventional means of implementing business to the modern real-time, hyper-customized avatars. Being in the forefront of the on demand mobile app development arena we empower your business and cater to your user’s every need.


Apps that facilitate smooth interaction between educators and learners


Apps that facilitate your commute in real-time


Apps that don’t let users wait in their time of need. Apps that efficiently assist in the delivery of products and services to customers


Apps that ensure that you are always just a click away from beauty and wellness


Apps that offer swift health-related services at your fingertips


Apps that do not limit entertainment to a fixed timetable


Apps that save at-home service repair calls


Apps that provide a holistic solution to manage a business’ logistics with ease and real-time updates

What Sets Us Apart As An On Demand App Development Company Trusted By Startups & Established Businesses Alike

Partnering up with App Lab comes attached with quite a lot of perks. This is pretty much responsible for allowing us to maintain an industry’s highest track record of 80% return clients.

Our talent pool of on demand app development providers- Researchers, Designers, Developers, and Quality Assurance Analysts- work as a unit to craft a product that serves to alleviate the user’s problem and provide a delightful, convenient experience.

Because we get to the root of the problems faced by the end-users, our apps provide a mobility solution that resolves everyday demands in real-time and based on their current location.

Frequently asked questions

Typically, the end-goal of any mobile app development that offers on-demand services is monetization. On the basis of your app idea, there are several means by which your on-demand mobile application can be monetized.

For instance, in case you are in need of a cab booking app, you will be able to generate revenue by charging passengers a fare as well as through surge pricing. And if you have a food delivery app you’d be able to generate revenue by promoting your business’s offerings and USPs in your app. There is a range of monetization models; connect us to work out a proper fit for your business.
The cost to develop an on-demand app hinges on several factors and we would only be able to make an estimate once we have a thorough grasp of your business requirement. Nonetheless, if you want a rough estimate of the cost, head over to our Home page.
It would depend entirely on the complexity of the app. Based on that it could take anywhere between 8 months to a year to build your on-demand app (including all the platforms).
At App Lab we don’t offer ready-made app solutions. Each app that we build would be completely tailor-made in accordance to your brand image and tone.

Estimations & planning for business decisions

You have a vision. We have a way to get you there.

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