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Wearable devices are the future. People who use smartphones are fond of using smartwatches which are also one example of wearable devices. In the medical sector as well, wearable devices are broadly used. If you are confused about how to integrate wearables for your business benefit, consult our expert team of wearable app development.

As a leading wearable app development company, Ivan Applab’s dedicated team of developers weave their magic round-the-clock to develop highly futuristic wearable apps that render a uniform and superior performance across all devices - every time.

The burgeoning wearable market continues to boom. To find success, it is imperative that you cater to the demands of the advancing market and the shifting consumer behaviour. Our wearable app development services are matchless. Our advanced wearable apps transform your customer engagement story and drive it into the future. We deliver pioneering solutions to empower your business, customer and enterprise goals.

The Future- Powered by Wearables

We are a wearable app development company that is driven by research, strategy and results. The outcome is- apps that are intrinsically risk-free and render phenomenal digital experiences for your users.


Wearable users say they feel naked if they are not wearing their device


Users of smartphones predict they will wear at least 5 wearables beyond 2020.


users expect that soon smartphones will be replaced by wearables

Connectivity Is The Name Of The Game -Next-Gen Wearable Apps

Connectivity is the key. The more connections a business can have the better is its possibility to grow. This is why Applab focuses on the connectivity by wearable app development for their clients. Like any top wearable app development company, we offer solutions tailored to your business needs. Our squad of seasoned developers can transform your wearable app ideas into proactive solutions to propel you into the future.

Wearable computers & cameras software development

Embedded with numerous sensor devices we build robust wearable computers and cameras technology, which facilitates permanent communication between your users and their devices.

Fitness & Health Trackers App Development

From exercise to nutrition; we build Fitness & health trackers apps that are fully custom-made for your audience.

Smart Watch App Development

Built to run on their own operating systems, we design Smart watches that allow your users to obtain an electrocardiogram heart reading, charge from solar power and body heat and a lot more.

Smart Glasses Digital Solution

Equipped with LCD display for information feed, GPS for tracking, hi-tech camera to capture images and take videos and loads of other innovations, our experts bring you smart glasses digital solutions that to outpace that competition.

Augmented & Virtual Reality Devices Apps

We craft AR/VR apps that offer incredible twists to routine processes to provide immersive customer experience and delight next-generation users.

Wearable Payments Apps

Using our powerful embedded wearables like smartwatches, wristbands and jewellery your customers will be able to execute secure payments by just waving or tapping the device on a POS (point-of-sale).

What Separates Us From Other Wearable App Development Agencies

We are well-informed about the finer details of innovation and network that your wearable app idea requires. With years of experience in the field, our wearable engineers and designers are equipped with a reservoir of relevant insights and skills to convert your dream of wearable tech products into a successful reality. So, if you’re shopping around for a wearable app development company for your project, look no further!

Unique And Secure Mobility Solutions

Employ Agile Methodology

Work With The Latest Tech-stack

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a category of electronic devices that users wear as accessories. They can be implanted in the human body, embedded with clothing or there are some that are even being tattooed on the skin. Wearables are powered by microprocessors and are hands-free devices deployed for various practical uses. They are optimized with the capability to send and collect data via Internet connectivity.
Wearable technology is powered by miniature computers and sensors. Usually the sensors are connected to a wearable device, allowing them to track the various activities. Several of these sensors can monitor the motion, brain activity, muscle activities and heart activity. Certain wearables are also equipped with miniature computers, in the same manner as smartphones. These systems activate devices to interact with the other objects in the surrounding area.
The cost of developing a wearable app essentially hinges on several factors including the features, time taken in the development, targeted platform and so on. It is advisable to get in touch with the professionals to arrive at an estimated figure of the cost.
Some key points that all wearable app developers need to keep in mind while building a wearable apps are-
  • Make sure the app size is kept to a minimum
  • Go ahead with simple, clean designs
  • Be sure that it is user-friendly
  • Offer faster access



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