Make A Big Impression With Next-Gen Progressive Web App Development

We are a leading progressive web app development company with tremendous success in building dynamic and secure solutions spanning various industry verticals.

At Applab, we craft next-gen web applications that offer a 100% immersive experience and operate similar to a mobile or desktop app. All our progressive web applications (PWA) guarantee a seamless performance and offer a native alike experience. Our progressive web app development services offer solutions decked-out with unique features, for instance, data analysis, push notifications, offline browsing and easy channels of distribution.

Sustainable Progressive Web App Solutions Bring You Limitless Benefits

Harnessing the power of progressive web app technology and blending it with our immense Web and Mobile app development prowess, allows us to deliver feature-rich solutions. Our squad of progressive web app developers offers a commanding mix of technical expertise and delivers delightful experiences. Being a leading progressive web app development company our squad of progressive web app developers offers a commanding mix of technical expertise and delivers delightful experiences.


The PWA development services we offer are developed by leveraging dynamic upgrades, allowing our clients to access it from any browser.

Connectivity Independent

We incorporate service workers in such a manner that your PWA functions seamlessly in a no-network situation in the same way it would with top-quality network services.


No matter the form factors, we develop high-powered progressive web applications which offer streamlined interaction covering a range of devices and browsers.


Our Progressive web app development delivers an intuitive interface that serves to delight users and renders transitions effortlessly, free of any lags on either tablets or smartphones.


Our PWAs are configured in such a manner that search engines are readily able to find them. What’s more, they can function while offline and can be displayed on the home screen. Being rigged-out with push notifications they are able to make sure that less-active users remain regularly engaged.

Low Data Usage

We build for you PWAs that require a very low amount of internet bandwidth, as we know that low data is normally the bane of a user experience.

Get Access To High-End Progressive Web App Development Services

We are the go-to progressive web app development company as we deliver robust PWAs that are highly responsive, and extremely efficient with an end goal of exceeding unique user demands. Armed with our progressive web application development services, we make sure that your users are enfolded in an immersive app experience while browsing through your website.

Custom Progressive Web App Development

On the basis of your unique business requirements, we build tailored progressive web applications equipped with native alike functioning, quick animations, intuitive user interface as well as rapid speed.

Responsive Web App Design

Possessing several years of experience, our Progressive web app developers carve out solutions that deliver streamlined interaction at lightning fast speed spanning multiple browsers and devices.

Progressive Web Design and Development

With us, you will be able to unleash the potential of mobile devices in such a way that is uncontested by traditional browsers. Employing consistent and flawless progressive enhancement and development, we equip you with a unified user experience and facilitate a rapid increase of your mobile conversion rates.

Application Shell Architecture

By building PWA on an app shell model we are able to provide excellent user experience that is simple to navigate, has top speed and is free of any interference.

Quality Assurance Testing

When performing PWA development, we follow the agile methodology and carry out extensive testing to deliver complete support and maintenance. You can rest assured that your PWA solutions are flawless.

Secure Data Migration

Complying with a structured approach we build data-intensive web applications with rapid, optimized and secure migration of data across browsers.

Expertise In Building Sophisticated PWA Solutions

We enable your business to garner more visibility

We resolve the challenge of app installation fatigue

We enable you to radically increase the app loyalty count

Top 6 Frameworks and Tools To Build Progressive Web Apps

There are a host of JavaScript frameworks and instruments that are used to develop progressive web apps, and each of these is equipped with a range of capabilities and scope.

- Leading Progressive Web App Development Company – Ivan AppLab

Top PWA Tools and Frameworks


Ionic is a superior-quality, cross-platform framework that allows you to effortlessly craft hybrid mobile apps.


Polymer is a JavaScript library that allows you to craft your own HTML elements and compose them into complex and scalable web applications.


AngularJS is a JavaScript-based open-source front-end web framework leveraged to build dynamic MVC based applications.


Vue.js is an open-source progressive JavaScript framework for crafting user interfaces and single-page applications.


React is an efficient JavaScript library that makes it effortless to craft interactive user interfaces.


Lighthouse, an open-source, automated tool employed to optimize and upgrade Progressive Web Apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

PWA provides abundant benefits over websites, a fact that has propelled several business executives to migrate their websites to Progressive web apps. Some of benefits include-
  • Trouble-free Installation
  • Progressive and Responsive
  • Native App-like Look and Feel
  • Effortless access to Native Device Features
  • Connectivity Independent
Particularly for startups a PWA app would be the better option because it would give them the opportunity to benefit from the best of the Android, iOS and web environments despite not having to invest extra efforts.
Yes, typically all popular mobile and desktop browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Edge support PWAs.
Yes, Progressive web apps are future proof. Being known for its reliability and speed, PWAs produce a highly engaging experience. PWA brings you a host of benefits, for instance:
  • Pages load quickly
  • Conversion rate steadily rises
  • Website can be opened without any URL bar
  • Push notifications serve to engage users
  • Navigation is seamless
  • And most notably, it functions even on weak or no internet connection



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