Flutter Mobile App Development: Built To Meet Modern-Day Needs

We realise that Flutter is one of the most prominent technologies used in application development. And we upgraded ourselves with research and practice to excel in this area and offer you the best outcomes. With Applab, you can expect high-powered Flutter mobile app development services.

Flutter is Google’s open-source mobile application development framework that employs DART as its primary language. This swift, object-oriented language leverages ahead-of-time compilation techniques that are simple and can be grasped quickly.

Being a mobile app SDK from Google, Flutter is decked out with tools, widgets as well as an enhanced framework that gives developers the capacity to craft and deploy visually striking, optimized mobile apps on both iOS and Android platforms.

We are a full-cycle app development company, having employed this innovation in our flutter mobile app development services since its inception in 2018, to deploy user-friendly and feature-rich Android and iOS apps.

Flutter Mobile App Development Services To Unleash Ultra-Modern Apps

Equipped with Flutter, the process of our flutter mobile app development servicesare performed at high speed. Developers are able to easily develop and scale attractive interfaces in a fraction of the time it takes to build Native apps. Leverage flutter to benefit your business with:

Accelerate Speed of Development

As Flutter enables us to establish both the functionality and appearance of your app using the world-class Dart, XML is not required, thus rendering the process quicker.

Hot Reload

Flutter’s hot-reload feature takes care of multiple problems all at once. The results of code changes are reflected on the app screen instantly. It allows developers to fix bugs, add features and conduct experiments in a fluid and swift manner.

Population of Widget

The framework of Flutter is made of a rich set of widgets, in their turn these are made of further widgets, resulting in an app that is both customizable as well as extendable.

Material design and Cupertino

Flutter empowers cross-platform Native apps with a widget library consisting of both Cupertino (Apple) and Material Design (Google).

Reactive Framework

With Flutter, you would have no need to manually update content to your UI. Once you update variables in your state the changes will automatically be reflected in the UI.

Dart Benefits

The ever-expanding Dart libraries result in Flutter application development getting rendered in a matter of few code lines.

A Single Framework, Countless Benefits!

The question, ‘How to build an app with Flutter?’ is one that is asked quite often.

When employing the Flutter toolkit, apps are not deployed based on the iOS or Android way, instead, Flutter enables your app to look as though it has been built in a native manner, when in fact building it your way. Our Flutter app development services give you native quality and flawless cross-platform apps.

Using a few lines of code, combining elements bit by bit, and widget by widget you would receive a tailor-made app that fulfils your unique needs. What’s more, apart from developing attractive interfaces, it builds functionality on top of the widgets. Partner with Applab and be prepared to embrace revolutionary benefits for your business.

One Codebase

One single codebase is used to manage it all. Flutter efficiently and expediently debugs and updates, all in one place. App developers using Flutter have the possibility of reusing virtually 100% of the written code for Android and iOS, resulting in the acceleration of the development process.

Flexible UI

Being outfitted with rich and adaptable widgets, Flutter produces a highly flexible UI. This simple, flexible layout system leads to apps that are attractive no matter the screen type. Once the iteration is done, the UI changes are reflected within seconds flat.

Access to Original Source Code

Source code has usually been an obscured black box when it comes to iOS. Nonetheless, when you use Flutter you will readily be able to identify why any element is appearing and behaving in a particular manner. It enables developers to customize your apps much more easily.


The process of crafting Android and iOS mobile apps using Flutter has been optimized. Thanks to this optimization, developers are quickly able to zero in on final designs, after the prerequisite experimentation and reviewing is completed.

Faster Code Writing

Flutter facilitates high-powered mobile app development, while Hot Reload fosters higher cooperation between the Flutter developer-designer dynamic. All experimentation and improvements, in terms of the look and feel of an app is carried out straight away, with no delays.

Less Testing

Using Flutter involves a low amount of code and reduced code indicates reduced bugs as well. As there is just a single codebase, automatic tests written by Flutter developers have to be created only once, which in turn accelerates the quality assurance process.

Flutter- The Superior Choice For Cross-Platform App Development

With the efficient team of Applab, you can enjoy all benefits with our flutter app development services. With a design that closes the gap between Android and iOS, Flutter delivers delightful experiences. This is possible as Flutter concentrates on complex visuals, native performance and efficiency.

Thanks to the ease of use, higher-level features and potential for customization packed into the Flutter app, it has an ever expanding fan base.

The industry has been bowled over by the SDK’s exceptionally quick rendering, expressive and flexible designs, blazing fast load speed of 60 FPS, which focuses on native end-user experiences.

Strong supporters of React Native, both Developers & Businesses, are currently transitioning to Flutter.

Access Customized Flutter Application Development Services For:

  • Applications interacting with hardware via Bluetooth
  • Instant or Progressive Web Apps
  • Apps that need uncommon native libraries

As a matter of fact, super extensive apps are built seamlessly using Flutter.

We Leverage Material Theming For Flutter Apps That Reflect Your Brand Identity

We recognize the significance of having a visually unique brand image that acts as an extension of your business. This is frequently found to be a challenge, considering that the entire app development industry follows the same Material Design components and guidelines. That said, just one glance at the Flutter apps we’ve developed will reveal how we effortlessly infuse uniqueness in all apps.



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