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It’s time for political parties to make a move towards digitalization.

All over the world, political parties continually face the challenge of creating a strong, direct connection to millions of potential voters on a real-time basis. This often results in a situation where prospective voters are not familiar with the values and viewpoint of your political party and proceed to vote for the opposition. As this is a tech-dominated era and people are glued to their smartphones, political parties can invest in mobile applications that can make their work easier. But how to get an appropriate app that can serve the purpose in the best way?

Applab is your destination for that. We are a political campaign app development company to help you out with your requirements. Thanks to our volunteer management and political campaign app development services you can completely overcome these challenges. Applab is here to take your political party directly to your constituents.

Our understanding of the ins and outs of running a modern election campaign and the strategies involved, allows our developers to build political campaign app development solutions that cater to the need for information and transparency to millions of prospective voters and volunteers.

We, as a political campaign app development company, know precisely what it takes to design and build an efficient app to showcase your political agenda and attract millions of voters.

Volunteer engagement

We offer you volunteer management and engagement apps that will ensure that your political party is able to put its best foot forward.


We build Political apps that give you a platform to remain in direct connection, round-the-clock with the constituents, no matter what region of the country they belong to.


Your Political app will be a powerful platform that sheds light on the true values of your political party, allowing prospective voters to understand your party’s cause, support it and cast votes in your favour.

Reputation management

Our apps have the capacity to enable you to thrive in the competitive political arena by monitoring, protecting, reinforcing your party's political image. We ensure you have a consistent and positive online presence.

Be a Vote Magnet with Powerful Political App Features

Your Political app needs to give users a strong sense of trust and a high level of engagement. This is how you can draw their attention towards your agenda. To meet this goal, you need a trustworthy political campaign app development company. Applab can easily make that happen for you. So, before you go in for political campaign app development services, get familiar with the key features that will allow your political app to make a deep, positive impact.

Our Technology Stack to Support Your Political App

We empower you with political campaign app development using cutting-edge technologies.

To infuse your political campaign app with the potential to reach and engage millions of voters, we leverage the key disruptive technologies of today. Our expert developers employ just the relevant blend of technologies to produce the results you need.

Why choose Applab?

Several reputed political parties have relied on us, and have in turn, given us a reputation as a top political app development company, globally.

Squad of data scientists have expertise in targeting

With considerable years of experience in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning under their belt, our team of data scientists and market experts ensure that your political party has the highest reach possible. By this, we make sure your message gets conveyed to prospective voters on time.

We understand your needs

Having analyzed and gained insights into scores of constituents in the voting age group, we have established ourselves as one of the most trusted political campaign app development companies in the world. We recognize the challenges such as lack of activity and engagement among voters and volunteers and have the know-how to address them efficiently. Gain canvassing dominance with Applab at the helm.

Frequently asked questions

There is no certain answer to this question. The cost, as always depends on several factors such as:
  • Under which group does your app belong
  • Which tool you prefer - Android, iOS, windows
  • How complicated the app is - basic, complicated and medium-sized.
  • Amount of hours spent developing the mobile app
  • Can you use cross-platform, indigenous or hybrid frameworks
  • Amount of team developers
A political party can get thousands of benefits for a political app. Some of those include:
  • Create awareness
  • Support in raising funds for the campaigns
  • More connectivity and reach
  • Aims in sharing and building management
  • An easier way of managing the whole
Features allow the functionality of mobile applications determining whether they are political, social or travel. Therefore, below are the main characteristics of government applications:
  • Login function
  • Provide search option
  • User-friendly UI
  • Allow user to give ratings
  • Enable sharing of videos, photos, and more
  • Enable GPS functionality
  • Feedback tab must be added
  • Add category tag
  • Add bookmarks and more
  • Use Push notifications
The popularity of political applications is rising every day. Some of the best examples are as follows:
  • The White House App
  • Congress+ App
  • iCitizen App

You have a vision. We have a way to get you there.

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