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The sports industry is booming now with the bliss of technology. Covid has restricted the physical presence of people but the virtual sports businesses have thrived in this situation. Keeping the entertainment intact, the goal is to continue with the business growth. We are a specialist sports app development company, bringing sports fans, coaches, sportspersons, fitness trainers, viewers, together under a single digital space with our cutting edge mobile apps. All the sports needs and expectations of your end-users will be fulfilled in our high-powered, addictive sports apps.

Wide Array Of High-Powered Sports App Features

We have the best minds in the industry who understand the requirements and recommend the best for a sports business. With their prowess and immense experience, we are offering you sports and fitness app features that are designed to keep sports lovers hooked to the application and carve a niche for us as a top sports app development company. Explore our offerings which we believe are enough to convince you to upgrade your sports business now.

Real-time score updates

We enable quick access to real-time scores and schedule updates for your sports-addicted users.

Augmented reality

We harness AR to enable sports fans to be in the ground alongside their favorite sports stars from the comfort of their homes.

Social media integration

We include a must-have interactivity integration in your sports app using popular social media platforms.

Push notifications

We maintain the engagement level of your users, using an insight-based push notification strategy.


As a sports app development company, we include GPS features that allow your users to remain updated on various sports events taking place in their vicinity.

Big data

We equip sports agencies and venue managers with data and insights into user interactions with their business, enabling them to make strategic, informed decisions.

Live streaming

By including a live streaming feature we make sure it is the go-to sports app for your users, keeping them updated with real-time scores and highlights.

Communication tools

To ensure that your sports app is super-interactive, our expert app developers give your sport lover users the means to interact with each other during a live sports game or for the duration of a fantasy sports session.

Disruptive Technologies We Adopt To Fuel Sports Apps

As technology is inventing new ideas that help people in every step of their life, business owners don’t stop themselves from absorbing these technologies to upgrade their business and generate more sales. As more and more tech disruptions are taking over the world, the Sports industry is also exploiting these innovations. If you are also operating a sports business, it is time for a digital transformation that can open up many more doors of opportunities to grow your business. As a digital-savvy sports app development company, we seamlessly blend a range of sports activities with the latest technologies and ensure that our clients get the maximum from the integrations.

Harnessing the cutting-edge technologies, we come up with future-proof solutions so that you don’t have to think again about the upgrades any soon. Our team is extremely knowledgeable and skilled in the successful integration of all of these.





Our Esports Solutions

eSports have opened up a new horizon for sports lovers. Not only they can enjoy the games now, but they can also virtually participate in them. The team building, betting, hosting and many other features are captivating enough to keep the sports fans happy. As a top sports app development company, we develop the best-in-the-market esports software.

Fantasy Sports Solutions

Fantasy games have enjoyed tremendous popularity over the last few years. It has given rise to a booming industry now with a million dollars worth of investments. The huge user demand is the major reason behind its growing popularity. The craze is nowhere close to becoming less in the near future and that is why businesses are investing in fantasy sports. If you want to capitalize on this booming industry, our fantasy sports app development services will empower you.

Some of the feature sets that we offer:

Participants version

  • User authentication
  • Search and filter matches
  • Join tournament
  • Create tournament
  • Develop a fantasy team
  • Reward
  • CMS system

App Lab powered features

  • Push notification
  • GPS tracking
  • Live match score
  • Real-time analytics
  • Android Developers Tools

Admin version

  • Admin login
  • User management
  • League management
  • Match management
  • Revenue management
  • Reward point
  • Bonus cash management
  • CMS system

Frequently Asked Questions

Bringing mobile apps into the sports industry has brought with it numerous benefits, for instance, offering users gripping sports content, game updates, news and a community atmosphere where sport lovers get to interact with each other and discuss their favorite sports team, offering a convenient platform where users can place bets on teams and players and thrilling gamers by means of fantasy sports.
Typically there are two sets of features in fantasy sports app development, corresponding to two sets of stakeholders-
Users-related: our developers craft features like player info, user profile, create league, join league, drafting teams, live scoreboard, team management, push notifications, news & updates and so on.
Admin- related: our developers also include feature like role-based dashboards, view earnings, user management, league management, CRM, CMS, reward point management, bank transaction management.
Though it varies from one use case to another, the typical prerequisites of digital sports solutions include live streaming, ticket booking, sports industry news and updates, push notifications, community support, social media integration etc.
App Lab enjoys its position as a highly sought after sports solution development company by several top sports brands. In addition to our seasoned expertise, clients choose us because we leverage leading edge technologies for instance, blockchain, AR/VR, AI and more. Armed with these technology integrations the industry is getting highly efficient and gaining even more popularity.

You have a vision. We have a way to get you there.

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