React Native ecosystem- An Ideal Choice

Gain powerful applications for your business with reliable stability, engaging UX and superior performance with our React Native app development services.

React Native Is Our Key Approach Toward Designing Cross-Platform Apps

Facebook’s React Native is an open-source mobile application development framework. Employing React Native for mobile app development, in combination with its high-performance JavaScript, synchronous API, and seamless development gives us the power to simultaneously develop both Android and iOS apps. Significant cost and time savings are just a few perks, to begin with.

Synchronous API

Using React Native it becomes feasible to sync APIs with its JavaScript foundational layer.

Fast Performance

Combining the framework with native languages enables React Native mobile app developers to deliver higher performance levels.

Smooth Development

Apps can be built effortlessly and implemented quickly. You receive apps that are error-free and extremely productive, powered by expanding volumes of data that continually drive them.

Mobilizing The Power Of React Native Throughout The App Development Lifecycle

Beginning from the concept, right up to the maintenance phase, we enjoy a position as a leading React Native development company. The React Native framework is a fundamental element of our app development endeavors.

Full Cycle Product Development

From guiding our clients with relevant decisions, to converting their ideas into a reality in the form of game-changing apps, we exploit the power of React Native to the max.

You can rest assured that even post-launch your app will continuously be monitored, to make sure that your users are delighted to interface on it.

MVP Development

Our streamlined React Native development process allows us to swiftly deploy your ideas in the market. By creating an MVP we make sure that you waste no time and are able to test the waters and get sufficient feedback. We will craft for you an MVP which garners maximum user validation and serves to iterate into a superior product.

Reasons To Choose React Native

Several top businesses are experiencing elevated success after transitioning to React Native. On top of the cost-effectiveness of development and quicker time-to-market, there are a host of advantages that come along with our React Native app development services.

Reusable Code

Being component based, React native app development will empower you to develop native iOS/ Android apps and web applications by reusing and redeploying codes in a seamless manner.

Rapid Development

The fact that it is optimized for third party plugins and has an expansive library of react components enables the acceleration of the app development process.

Live Reload

Equipped with a Live Reload feature React Native allows you to see the ongoing changes immediately reflected just after they are framed.

Open Source

When you choose React Native which is an open source framework, your development costs get automatically reduced in comparison to native app development costs.

React Native Languages & Frameworks

We use the same toolbox in your React Native apps as your regular Native Android and iOS applications. All we do is connect all the dots using these handpicked tools:


  • Languages
  • Navigation
  • Utilities
  • Middleware
  • Networking
  • Testing
  • App State
  • Forms
  • Bundle
  • JavaScript, TypeScript
  • React Navigation
  • Lodash, Ramda, Moment.js
  • Redux Thunk, Redux Saga, Redux Observable
  • Axios, Contentful, Apollo, GraphQ
  • Jest, Enzyme, Chai, Mocha
  • Redux
  • Redux Forms
  • Webpack


  • Hosting
  • Configuration
  • Pub/Sub Messaging
  • Databases
  • Server
  • App frameworks
  • App Server
  • AWS, Rackspace, Heroku
  • Chef, Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes
  • gRPC, RabbitMQ
  • PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, Elasticsearch
  • Nginx
  • Rails, Trailblazer, Hanami, RSpec
  • Puma

Why It’s High-Time That You Opt For React Native Over Hybrid Apps

React Native is a dynamic and reliable cross-platform framework. It is ideal for developing mobile applications as it has an extensive library of third-party integrations, an advanced potential of code reuse across platforms, and an optimized development environment. When it comes to React Native app development services we cater to all your needs.

Leading React Native Application Development Company – Ivan AppLab

Benefits of React Native App Development

  • Single Code

    React Native certainly lives up to its slogan of “Write once, use it everywhere.” Apps crafted using React Native function remarkably well on both the iOS and Android platforms.

  • Hot Reload

    The need to rerun the entire project again and again does not arise (in case you have to modify a bit of source code on React Native framework). The Hot Reload allows you to track the changes in real-time.

  • Improved Security

    React Native apps by their nature are difficult to hack, making it exceptionally dependable when it comes to security.

  • Cross-Platform Support

    React Native is a popular framework for building native apps for cross platforms like iOS and Android. What’s more, the framework enables React Native developers to design an app and optimize it to run on different platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Partnering with a top React Native mobile app development company for your project involves an investment in a single developer who would be employing a single codebase.
This in turn lowers the resource requirement as well as the development hours- all in all, dwindling down the development cost.
This would depend on whether you partner with a reputable React Native mobile app development company. It requires comprehensive skills and expertise with the framework to build a Native application using React Native framework.
In light of the changes seen in app entrepreneur’s demands, it is clear that cross-platform app development processes, specifically those involving React Native, will witness ever-increasing demand well into the future.
Nonetheless, it is a fact that Native apps provide a high-level quality that cannot be contested. Thus, it is still too early to affirm whether there will be a precedence of React Native over Native in the future of mobile app development.
A number of aspects come into play when setting the cost for React Native application development: app categories, UI design, feature set, complexity level and so on. Only after meticulously identifying your project requirements, will we be able to furnish you an approximate figure.



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