Tools and techniques of software quality assurance used in the mobile industry

January 6, 2021
Tools and techniques of software quality assurance used in the mobile industry

The manual process of testing softwares is time taking and taxing. Thus, a host of tools can be used to accelerate the process and reduce the monotonicity associated with repetitive tasks. However, these tools should not be used to replace manual testers but as a way to enhance their performance.

The process of manual testing is a complex one and it often takes a specialist hours to finish checking every functioning of the application by clicking on each and every button. Thus the most advanced tools used by a QA specialist are his brain, experience and analytical tools.

The complexity of the manual testing process further increases with the increase in size and the number of repetitive tasks. As such tools can come across as a great aid for accelerating the process of quality assurance services. In this regard there are a myriad variety of tools used by the quality assurance tester. However, some of the best quality assurance tools for mobile software are listed below:-

Principles and tools for testing API:

Being the most fundamental part of a software, API is used by all elements of the user interface to communicate with the backend. Testing of API thus assumes importance to ensure correctness of request and making sure that the requests lead to expected results. Some of the best tools for testing API are:-


Through a set of tools, Postman assists in collaboration and API sharing. Additionally, Postman helps in leaving comments, managing users and setting up teams.


Originally designed as a tool for testing load, JMeter is used by many QA testers to test functional APIs. Along with helping in the process of quality assurance, JMeter also offers other exceptional features.


Fiddler can help quality assessors to debug websites and also expand its capabilities through the use of add-ons and a wide variety of plugins.


One of the most popular tools for testing API, it is commonly used in mobi industry as well.


By saving and recording all requests running through connected devices, Charles allows the tester to edit the same.

Load Testing

One of the important components of testing the quality of a digital tool is to access its capability of handling an influx of users. Load testing tests the capability of the software to handle additional users with a growth in the user base. Some of the best tools for testing load are : -

Apache JMeter

Although it is currently used for quality assurance of API, JMeter was originally used as one of the most popular softwares for testing loads.


By measuring the web page and request size Fiddler helps in analysing cached data and helps to compress the same. Fiddler can thus be used for performance and load testing


In the above pages, some of the tools used for testing UPI and load are discussed. This list is however not exhaustive and other tools are also used by Quality assurance specialists from time to time. Although the tools can help in automating repetitive tasks and accelerate the task of quality testing, they cannot entirely replace manual testers. Thus, for best results the tools should work hand in glove with the manual testers.

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