Mobile Health App Development- The Latest Trend in Medical Field

September 12, 2022
Mobile Health App Development- The Latest Trend in Medical Field

Though you need to keep in mind that delving into the medical software market is a tricky one and it requires extensive research on the same. If you are struggling to develop a custom mHealth app, you can consult with an experienced team that provides mhealth app development services.

In this article, you will come to know about the latest mobile and technology trends you see in the healthcare industry showcasing healthcare applications. Start reading!

What Do You Know About the Healthcare Software Industry?

To come up with the point described in the above question, you need to know first, why the healthcare industry is growing. The reason is due to the emergence of the latest diagnostic and treatment facilities provided by ongoing technologies like mobile app development.

New technology in healthcare makes it possible to get the best results. Have you imagined the healthcare industry in combination with the mobile market? Let’s find out.

What do you know about mHealth?

mHealth is the latest concept that is based on the application of different wireless technologies even on mobile devices. To have a healthy lifestyle and to manage serious medical care, the apps are largely used. Most of the mHealth apps are used for controlling an individual’s physical condition. If you want to have a custom mhealth app development for your business, consult with the expert who will discuss the requirements with you.

The mobile healthcare department is divided into two groups- the medical department and the fitness area.

Some Interesting Facts to Know About mhealth

As per the current research, alThe world is changing so fast and it is making new demands. After the 2020 COVID pandemic, the healthcare services have started to play an important role and therefore, the medical apps on iOS and Android topped the lists of demanding mobile platforms. Among all the benefits available, the healthcare apps help in conveniently taking care, even remotely. So, it is the right time for you to choose healthcare app development.

most 100,000 medical apps are made for doctors and patients which are listed on Google App Store, more than 45% of mHealth apps are monetized with help of paid schemes, and 15% of the technology professionals are working in the field of healthcare and some of the most popular healthcare apps can boast around 300,000 paid and 5 million free downloads daily in a global rate.

Friendly mHealth Apps- Following the Right Compliance Rules

As mass care is at the core of the healthcare department and experts working at the software development agencies make use of the latest technological ways to bring up effective software solutions. The developers follow the latest compliance while making these apps. Some of the compliance rules to follow while developing the apps include-


The developers comply with the SaMD risk categories provided by the International Medical Device Regulators Forum.


Each one of the mHealth apps should adhere to the HITECH Act. The apps get all process clear certificates at the time of security check that is conducted by the experts.  


All the mHealth apps should be FDA approved, ensuring that the consumers are given valuable healthcare services and they are in safe hands.


The developers mainly make apps that are HIPAA compliant. As per this rule, the apps ensure utmost protection and security to all sorts of confidential information of patients.

Different Types Of mHealth Apps in the Health Industry

The healthcare apps are categorized depending upon patients and healthcare institutions’ stakeholders like doctors, caregivers, and organizations. Here are some of the types of healthcare apps explained-


Reference and database apps

Patent monitoring apps

Appointment and clinical assistance apps

EHR solutions


Education and self-diagnosis apps

Mental wellness apps

Health monitoring apps

Nutrition apps

Reminder apps

Women health apps

The exciting thing about the healthcare landscape is that the list does not end here. But, the developers need to update themselves to develop the best mHealth app for the clients.

The Best Features of Choosing mHealth Apps

If You Are Planning To Have Custom Mhealth App Development, Here Are Some of the Popular Features You Need To Know-

Health Tracking

It is one of the important features for patients and doctors. This particular functionality helps in monitoring the patient’s vital health conditions like blood pressure, calorie intake, blood sugar level, and many more.

Scheduling And Reminders

One of the best features of these apps is to provide reminders and scheduling updates of check-ups and doctor’s appointments. You can also have reminders regarding intake of water, drinking water, tracking sleep, and lots more. They make it easy for patients to keep track of health goals.


This feature is on the emergency side of healthcare. The patients can use the app to have a built-in integration in finding out the doctors and nearby hospitals so that the check-up becomes faster.

Payment Gateway

Integrating mobile payments with the latest payment features like net banking, debit/credit card and wallets enable the patients to pay for medical insurance and all treatments. The integration also supports bill payments and access to different documents.

Rating and Reviews

As there are lots of doctors and hospitals operating globally, it is very tough for patients to judge the efficiency and on whom to rely. To solve this issue, the mHealth apps add ratings and reviews to the list of features.

Reporting And Analytics

The mhealth app development services include providing analytics and reporting. These apps aim to provide a dashboard for stakeholders where they can easily track, finances and patient count.

All features have emerged as the healthcare mobile app trends are gaining much importance these days. But, even with the digitalization landscape, there are still some challenges left.

At Ivan Applab, healthcare departments can have custom mhealth app development that provides lots of benefits like enhanced time and cost efficiency, establishing a direct link between stakeholders, and bringing healthcare in real-time and on-demand. To have your mHealth app, feel free to visit Ivan Applab.

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