Best practices for developing an mHealth mobile applications

February 8, 2021
Best practices for developing an mHealth mobile applications

Technological advancements are revolutionizing the healthcare industry. People have increased their reliance on tablets, smartphones, wearables for a multitude of daily activities. Owing to the increased focus on maintaining personal health and safety at reduced costs; there has been a growth in the mHealth app development. Another factor that has influenced the people to adopt these mApps is the rising cost of health insurance.


Currently these apps are used for supporting treatment, clinical trials, information on preventive healthcare measures, etc. The market of healthcare apps is already overpopulated with the existence of 325,000 apps till date. However, there exists enough growth potential which can be positively explored. So, developing your own healthcare app can be a great way to reap great rewards. However, before developing the app there are two key factors that need to be taken care of:


Understanding user needs in mhealth app development


It is important to set the intent before starting with the app development process. The intent of the app should be based on the expectations and needs of the users. The app design should be based on the intent.


Regulatory compliance-


Since healthcare apps store and have access to confidential and private information regarding patients; it is needed that the apps comply with the relevant regulations and securely store the data.


Along with taking care of the above factors, here are some of the best practices that you need to follow to make your healthcare app standout from the competition:-



Design should be attractive


The design of the application should be attractive and keep in mind the target audience- patients, doctors or other healthcare providers. Additionally, design should ensure error free data collection.



Easily accessible


The app flow and functionality should provide users the ease of access and navigation. Since the apps can be used for emergency situations, therefore it should have ease and simple operation and signup process.



Purpose in focus


Although, the mHealth app needs to have useful features, attractive design, good functionality etc., it is important that the app is ultimately designed in a way that it can serve its primary purpose efficiently.



Analysis of records


The app should offer the physician and the patient to share, download and print the medical history data. Additionally, the app should allow the users to track the data for detecting changes in the health of the patient over time.





Most importantly the app should have robust security features to ensure that the health records and other patient data are kept safe.



Minimisation of the screen numbers


The app should help the users to reach their desired goal faster.  It is essential to ensure that the users do not have to go through multiple screens before they can reach the information they are looking for.



Along with being simple and easy to use, the healthcare apps should have robust security features and maximum usability as well. By taking care of the above factors while designing the healthcare app; you can increase the reliability and trustworthiness of your mhealth app and make sure that it stands out. In this respect, you can leverage the expertise offered by Ivan Applab to develop an outstanding healthcare app.

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