How Healthcare Chatbots Can Help In Genetic Testing

February 4, 2021
How Healthcare Chatbots Can Help In Genetic Testing

The number of certified genetic counsellors in the US is 4900. Thus, there is about 1 genetic counsellor for 100000 Americans- a ratio so skewed that the average American would have to wait for years before they can get their genetic data parsed. In order to address the issues, through our chatbot app development services, genetic testing companies have started investing in AI technologies. Genetic companies are trying to get their hand on technologies like machine learning and chatbots to ensure that they are able to address the gap in demand and availability of professionals.


Expert Chatbot app development services help healthcare chatbots in the field of genetic testing


Although chatbots have long existed in the field of healthcare, they have captured the attention of DNA companies recently as they try to figure out their implementation on a daily basis.  The most popular use of chatbots for genetic testing are listed below-


Educating before the test


The normal users have several doubts that crop up in their mind before they sit for the test. Instead of occupying the counsellors with the same set of repetitive questions, chatbots can be deployed for the same. This will allow human counsellors to focus their attention on more complex cases.


Chatbots can also be used to educate the patients and help them overcome the fear or misconception that they have about the same. Chatbots can be used to guide the patient on the procedure and workflow and thus create a relationship of trust between the company and the patient.


Help in finding out the right test


With the existence of hundreds of different tests, the patients might find it overwhelming to select the one that is best suited for them. However, the chatbots can also help the patients by selecting the ideal test as per their medical health records.


Bots for consent


With administrative work accounting for a significant amount of time for the doctors, the bots can come in handy by collecting patient consent and their medical history related data.


Ordering for the test


Using the chatbots, the patient can also order and pay for the test from the comfort of their home. After the payment has been processed their tests will be delivered to their homes.


Explaining test results


Due to a shortage of professionals, it normally takes weeks before the patient can have his result and is able to talk to a genetic counsellor. However, chatbots can address this pain point by giving a basic explanation of the test result and answering the queries from the patient.


Reminder bot


Chatbots can be used to send reminders to the patients about the test date. It can also remind about the necessary diet precautions that the patient must follow before the test date. 


Thus, by addressing the customer needs through the entire genetic testing process, AI-powered chatbots can effectively address the mismatch between counsellor and patient numbers. So, going forward, AI would make chatbots intelligent and become a path breaker by addressing the issues that currently plague the genetic testing arena.

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