Developing chatbot to boost customer service business

January 6, 2021
Developing chatbot to boost customer service business

Chatbots can help in revolutionizing the chat experience and bring in phenomenal benefits for the business and users. Businesses can therefore leverage it to unleash new frontiers.

One of the prominent disadvantages with the manual process of handling customer service, is the long service time. The long waiting time in the manual process however dissuades the customers and forces them to look for alternatives. Thus, as companies search for alternatives to lower the time taken for responding to customer queries, one of the options they are turning towards is chatbot development.

Chatbots are basically computer based programs that are used for stimulating human conversation. Based on artificial intelligence, chatbots can interact with the users and help companies save time and resources. There are basically two types of chatbots- AI and Script based.

AI based chatbots

By using machine learning algorithms, these chatbots learn through thousands of conversations. These bots are therefore able to gauge the context based on the conversation and according chat within that context. In this case the AI power is leveraged to make the chatbots talk to humans as a human.

Chatbots based on script

There is a specific flow within the chatbots based on scripts. Having a predefined script these chatbots are implemented for particular use cases ranging from customer service to weather updates and shopping assistants.

However, irrespective of the type of chatbots being used, its development and use is gaining popularity amongst the businesses owing to their positive impact on several business aspects as listed below: -

Improved customer experience

Along with handling multiple conversations, the chatbots are significantly faster as compared to their manual counterparts. Thus these bots can be used for improving customer experience and engaging the customers.

Personal assistance

As compared to talking to different persons for carrying out simple tasks, it is much easier to talk to a chatbot and get the tasks done.

Help improve customer experience on e-commerce

Chatbots can help the customers place order through fewer steps by collecting and storing customer information. Chatbots can improve customer experience by moving the customers from websites to interfaces based on command-line.

Management of project

Chatbots can also be used for managing tasks and projects. The chatbots can be asked specific questions like “what are the tasks assigned to me?” or “who has been assigned a particular task?”

Final words

The team at Ivan Applab is competent to understand your requirements and help you in developing a chatbot that is suited to your needs. So, if you need help in this regard, you can contact the experts at Ivan Applab to address your requirements.

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