Developing apps on android vs iOS platforms

January 6, 2021
Developing apps on android vs iOS platforms

There are distinct advantages offered by android and iOS as platforms for app development. For choosing the ideal one therefore one needs to specifically consider these features before gauging their suitability for business needs.

In the current technology era, mobile phones have a great impact on the world and the society. In line with the growth in mobile phones, there has also been a phenomenal growth in the demand of mobile applications for increasing customer engagement and revenue.

When it comes to mobile applications development, the two platforms that come to mind are Android and iOS. Whereas Android is widely regarded as the most popular mobile platform, the iOS which comes in second in terms of popularity is the de-facto platform for Apple.

These two major platforms have some differences when it comes to the development of application. Given the role of the platform in creating customer engagement, widening the market share and improving brand visibility; it is important to have a grasp over these differences to identify the right one for your business.

The top differences between these two platforms are listed below: –

Number of users

The first factor to be considered before choosing the platform is the target customer base. When it comes to the number of registered users, Android leads the pack with a larger user base as compared to Apple.

App downloads

When it comes to the number of app downloads, Android takes the pole position ahead of iOS.

Share of the market

Android has a much greater share of the market as compared to iOS. This is because as compared to iOS platform which are only compatible on devices made by Apple, the android compatible devices are made by a number of different manufacturers.

Due to the increased competition, the devices running android are cheaper as compared to devices running iOS- the prime reason for their popularity.

Revenue generation

In terms of revenue generation however, iOS takes the pole position ahead of Android. This is because as compared to Android users, the users of iOS are more open to the idea of app purchases

Complexity of development

As compared to android applications, it is easier to develop applications for ios. This is because when it comes to android app development, one has to take into account the multitudes of devices, screen types and resolutions.

Time for development

Time taken for developing an app for the android platform is more than the time taken for developing an app for the iOS platform.


When it comes to popularity and mass appeal, Android definitely leads as compared to iOS. However, it is more costly and time consuming to develop an app for the android as compared to developing an app for iOS. But at the same time the process of testing and publishing an app is simpler on Android as compared to Apple.

Thus, there are distinctive advantages offered by each of the two platforms when it comes to app development. For choosing the right one therefore, you can take the help of experienced professionals at Ivan Applab.

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