Top Ways Your Android App Can Increase Your Business Revenue

June 22, 2021
Top Ways Your Android App Can Increase Your Business Revenue

Launching your business mobile app is not the endgame, you need to ensure that it accomplishes its bottom line, namely increasing revenue. If you want to amplify sales and boost your business revenue, you have to be present where users are spending their time and attention. With a custom Android app development company, this goal is not that far.

As the volume of smartphones usage keeps increasing, a higher number of users are opting for mobile applications, particularly Android apps, over browsing the Internet. Moreover, research shows that around 42% of all mobile sales produced by top merchants were generated from mobile apps. With a custom Android app development company at the helm, your business can take advantage of profitable apps.


This begs the question, “What can I do to boost my business revenue through mobile apps?

Let’s take a look at the top ways to generate more revenue for your business through your intuitively designed mobile app.


Creating a Loyalty Program

Businesses always want to reach the point where they have scores of repeat customers.

For this, a customer loyalty program is a recipe for success. A custom Android app development company can set up a customer loyalty program on your app that will urge your customers to purchase more than they ordinarily would.

 The feeling of being rewarded for buying something has the effect of making customers keep coming back for more. It works as an effective incentive, giving customers the sense of being appreciated and also of the chance to reap offers and discounts.


Capturing Data Insights

Mobile apps give you access to a customer’s data, as they store their personal information in their profiles. Thanks to this actionable insight into your customers’ life, you will be able to analyze wishes and likes, online behaviors and interests. Armed with this data you will be able to personalize your interaction with each customer and drastically influence their potential for spending money or not.

79% of users admit that they are only liable to entertain an offer if it has been personalized, in line with prior exchanges that they have had with the brand.


In-App buying

A key perk of making money through Android mobile apps is through in-app purchases.

This feature provides better outcomes than using ads, as more than 50% of mobile app revenue is produced via in-app purchases. This strategy within android application development services allows you to generate not only higher revenue, but also gives you a direct line of interaction with your customers, while they buy your products. A top approach when it comes to effective in-app purchases is through the means of limited time offers, as your customers will not want to miss out on a deal.


Social Media plugins

Sharing social media links in your Android mobile app is the way to go. Little else can give you as broad a reach or as high visibility as the incomparable influence of social media. Research reveals that 95% of adults roughly between the ages of 18-34 are very likely to follow a business or brand via a social platform.


Setting up a Push Notification Strategy

Push notifications have the capacity to significantly boost your business revenue. This feature is one of the top advantages of creating a mobile app for your business.

When done right, i.e. keeping a copy, timing and frequency in mind, they could go as far as raising your conversion rates up to 50%.


Enhanced Customer Service

As is evident, the immense bulk of marketers consider their apps as a vehicle to largely perk up customer services. This is because greater customer satisfaction translates to increased sales. The more customers that are delighted with your services, the more your sales will increase as they will be more likely to generate authentic interest and rising demand in your products.

These are just a few of the ways in which you can skyrocket your sales and boost your revenue with the help of a custom android app development company.

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