A brief overview of Progressive Web Apps

January 6, 2021
A brief overview of Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web applications offer a host of benefits and have grown in popularity over native mobile apps. Thus, businesses should adopt PWAs to catapult their businesses to the next level.

As more and more users start browsing the websites on their mobile devices, the split in the internet between mobile and website is slowly getting erased. Coming to the case of digital media usage, mobile applications have grown over websites. Businesses have shifted their focus from websites to applications due to their ability to offer more contents and better user engagement opportunities.

Further, with the projected increase of the mobile devices in the coming years, the future of today’s internet is mobile. Therefore for players to have a distinguished market presence in today’s world; it is important for them to go mobile. Whereas native mobile apps currently reign in as the most popular solution; the attention is slowly getting shifted towards progressive web app development.

Progressive web apps are getting the attention owing to their high engagement rates and revenue generation capabilities. By combining the best of web and mobile applications, progressive web apps have emerged as the next big thing in the mobile application arena. Factors that have contributed to their popularity are development simplicity and extraordinary user experience. Before going into further details, let’s first try to decipher the meaning of the term.

What is a progressive web app?

Progressive web app is basically a website functioning as a native app. Having all the functionality of a native app, it can offer the usability of a website. Owing to their unique design, PWA can address the issues of inadequate network or a complete lack of connectivity.

According to Google, PWA is a web experience that is: -

Engaging- Has the feeling of an usual app with an inherent user experience

Fast- Offers easy responses to the interactions from users

Reliable- Offers instant loading. Even under poor network conditions it does not represent the website to be down.

By taking advantage of the latest technologies, progressive web applications are able to mix the best of mobile applications and online. Owing to their distinguished advantages, progressive web applications are therefore becoming the de-facto tool for the future.

Business too can get immense benefits out of the PWA owing to their low budget, less development time and feature rich interface.


PWAs offer outstanding user experience and are pocket friendly as well. Thus, PWA can be used to accelerate the technological capabilities, add the right balance to business and empower the business. Ivan Applab develops out of the world progressive web apps that can give the users a seamless and consistent experience. Thus, your business can take the help of Ivan Applab to leverage the power of PWA for enhancing user experience and reaching new markets.

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