Top Challenges of Android App Development that Developers Must Overcome

April 11, 2022
Top Challenges of Android App Development that Developers Must Overcome

The rapid growth of android application development services determine how cutting-edge technologies are influencing our lives. Currently, there are more than 4 billion smartphone users in the globe. Companies that offer technology-based services are upgrading their technological base and team to improve performance and meet customer expectations. However, coping with the ever changing technologies is not an easy job; developers face a lot of challenges while developing the apps and with their skills and expertise, they find a way out to overcome those challenges. Here are the most common challenges that developers encounter: 

Understanding the Target Audience

This is mandatory for a developer to understand the target audience before developing the app. Unfortunately, not all companies that offer android application development services have the vision to understand their customers. To convey the right message to the right group of customers, understanding the target audience is unskippable. The entire effort of developing the app will be a waste if the audience for the app is not determined. 

Determining Technology Stack

Providing android app development services is not an easy job to perform. To make it an upgraded to fulfill customer expectations you must decide the technology stack. It is recommended to select an innovative technology so that the app can fulfil its purposes in a stipulated time. 


This is the smart age and the cyber criminals are also a part of this smart age. If you think that opting for trending technologies will help you stop hacking, let us tell you, it is not. Therefore, the developer must integrate cutting-edge technology to confirm the powerful security of the app. 

Software Fragmentation 

Device compatibility is one of the key problems that developers face while providing android application development services. To address tis problem, software fragmentation is a must-have. So that the software supports every device no matter how upgraded it is, the developer should incorporate software fragmentation. This will decrease te rate of uninstallation and customer complaints, 

Vigorous Testing 

No app should be launched without getting tested properly. Under the testing phase, the developers of the android app development services must ensure the efficiency of the UI performance, coding, device compatibility. With the high-performing testing tool, the bugs must be detected and the app should be debugged to ensure a streamline process. 

UI and UX Design 

These two are pillars that decide the customer’s retention. No matter how efficient your product or services are, the UX and UI design is the second determining factor that is going to decide your customer involvement, engagement and retention to your app. The UX and UI designers ensure that while using the app your customers don’t face any trouble. The goal is to ensure efficiency of the app in terms of design and functionalities. 

Programming Language

To provide the most efficient and upgraded android application development services, the developers must use the right programming language. Java and Kotlin are the two popular ones among others, where java is the older one and Kotlin is newer. These two are used vigorously to ensure error-free apps in less effort and cost. 


API integration is the most complicated part of the app development process. API can reduce your development cost and help to improve the app’s performance. Developers are interested in integrating third-party API because it enhances the compatibility standard of the app. Developers can also build APIs that may work in several android versions. 

We have covered almost all challenges that developers who offer android app development services face while developing an app. If you want a high-performing app, you can connect the professionals of Applab because experts here know the ways to address the problems and overcome the challenges.

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