The Latest Statistics and Trends of Sports App Development

July 8, 2022
The Latest Statistics and Trends of Sports App Development

The increased availability of smartphones all across the world has contributed to the growing fanbase in the sports industry. The audiences globally rely heavily on these sports apps for the sports news, watching the live games, and others that bring in the trends. 

As entrepreneurs are constantly trying to be aware of the latest market trends and ideas and incorporate them into the customized sports app for providing exemplary experience to sports enthusiasts. As a result, startups are hiring sports app development companies for designing and developing relevant sports apps. With the right set of chief ideas and following the market trends, the app can be crafted accordingly to contribute to the ever-increasing demand and rapid growth of the sports market.

Statistics of the Sports Market to Check out

If you are having plans to revamp your existing sports company or start with a new one, it is always important to check out the existing statistics and related factors of the industry you are trying to dive into. So, before investing in a Sports App Development Company, get an idea of the ranging statistical data for understanding which audiences to target to ensure your company’s growth.

Are you aware of the following statistics listed below?

  • Users tend to spend at least an hour daily on the sports app that they use.
  • As per the statistical data, by Statista, 2019 witnessed that 64% of the users within the age group 18-27 had accessed sports content through mobile applications. 
  • While on the other hand, 62% of the users from the age group 36-43 used the sports apps in order to update themselves about the sports industry
  • The average revenue was predicted to reach USD 3,959 million by the year 2022 thereby proving the fact that a sports app will enable growth.
  • North America was the leader in the global sports market contributing 35% of the total in 2020.
  • North America was followed by Asia Pacific, Western Europe, and other regions.


So, in a nutshell, considering a sports app for your sports company is undoubtedly a vital decision and a valuable investment. The above statistics denote that with the help of a mobile sports application, you can easily target a large audience base of the age range 18-43 in different ways. Therefore, it will contribute to the consistent growth of your sports company in the near future. 

Given, the statistical data, let us move forward to the latest trends in sports app development to get a clear picture.

Latest Trends and Technologies in Sports App Development 

In an era where people are hardly finding any time to get into the sports field for leisure activity, the technological advancements have contributed to the rising comfort within the four walls of a room thereby giving birth to the various sports app development. As a result, entrepreneurs like you are getting attracted to incorporating various modern technologies to deliver new-age and innovative sports apps for sports fanatics. 

However, being aware of the latest trends and technologies in the sports market is a vital factor before making any kind of major investments in the technology and the sports sector. 

Let us check out the existing latest technological trends employed in 2022 that are helping the sports app development process to improve and aid in the ever-increasing sports market globally.

Implementation of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR)

The latest trend that you will easily find in the sports app development sector is real-life experiences. The sports app development companies integrate AR and VR technologies into the customized sports app. It enables the users to feel as if they are experiencing real-life sports live streaming. 

Integration of Social Media

With the integration of social media, users can easily share their experiences on various social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This will aid in promoting the brand identity and build brand reputation.

Usage of artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is an integral part of most industries and using it in the sports industry for effective deliverables of sports apps shoul not lag behind. AI is employed to provide a personalized user experience to individual users and provide suggestions and support services for any related queries. 

Gamification of the Apps

At the moment, gamification is not just limited to the fantasy sports app development but equally used for all types of mobile apps. The sports app development companies incorporate this latest tool for adding fun elements to the sports app thereby enhancing the user engagement rate. 

Incredible Ideas for Sports Startup 

After exploring the different technological trends that are taken into consideration by the sports app development companies in and around the world, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take into consideration the various ideas to incorporate into your sports app. 

Here is a list of ideas.

  • Sports News
  • Sports E-Commerce
  • Sports E-Ticket Booking
  • Sports Management
  • Fantasy Sports


Additionally, if you want to enhance the overall user experience, do not step back from employing the different features that will help you to excel in user experience. Starting from the payment gateways and offline streaming modes of sports to instant chat support and experience, you can easily improve the features or even add to your sports app to optimize your sports business. 

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