Why You Need Intuitive Event Apps For Your Event Planning

March 15, 2022
Why You Need Intuitive Event Apps For Your Event Planning

Professional event planners depend on smart devices to make their jobs easier these days. A high percentage of conference and corporate firms are looking to event app development companies to set up and run the events smoothly. There is a mounting need for mobility of information at nearly every event, be it big conferences or a small concert.

Event apps come designed with audience polling and response, advertising, networking features, interactive maps, analytics, social media integration and so on. Additionally, the apps take advantage of the features and functionalities of smart devices and consolidate these with user touch points, occasions for data collection and interaction opportunities to boost the success of all types of events big or small.

The sustainable option

The details that would in the past go on event flyers and other print-based advertisements now can be offered in an appealing manner within your event app with the help of a good event app development company. In this way event planners can add updates at any point in case of changes in the event details. The update can be in the app and all attendees will be alerted of the changes and everyone remains on the same page at all times. Planners can share push notifications to inform attendees about event-related changes or even updates on things like traffic and weather conditions.

High attendee engagement

A major function of event apps is to be a robust medium between the planners and the attendees as well as sponsors, partners etc. Heighten engagement and interaction among attendees through strategic push notifications during main sessions, live polling and more to gather important feedback.  

Capture timely lead data

Capturing data on leads is possible with the help of a well-made event app. This is particularly important when the event is live. It allows you to ensure that your attendees and partners are engaged with your offerings.

Streamlines the entire event

The event app created by your event app development company is bound to serve as a virtual guide to your event, before, during, and after the event. It includes primary event details such as attendee list, the overall agenda of the event, venue information, speaker bios and more.  

Big conferences and trade shows will in general include a floor layout to the app, if possible one that users can zoom in and out of and navigate easily. Accordingly, it offers a full view of the venue plan, and capacity to locate specific exhibitors, areas of interest (bars, washrooms, info booth etc.) as well as meeting locations. Well-designed event apps will also enable users to find multiple routes from point A to B.

Once the event has concluded, event organizers get an ideal means to follow-up with attendees at a later date. They can share video footage, snapshots, speaker slides from the event and also send push notifications to broadcast the next event. This is an effortless route for marketing events. Apps are also distinct from a mobile website as they live on the device of the user, as a fixed communication channel and it expands the influence and life cycle of your event.

Facilitates networking and communication

This type of app is the best way of making sure your attendees remain engaged. The audience is given the chance to forge connections and to share their skills, opinions, experience at the event. It acts as a great attendee response tool to host Q&A in-person. Collecting questions via the app is a good approach and mitigates the social stress of posing a question in the midst of a crowd.

You can leverage the expertise of an event app development company to develop a dynamic, engaging and informative app for your events.

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